GHASSAN ABDELKARIM CO-Founder-General Manager

I spent 40 years promoting pharmaceuticals in Lebanon, North Africa, and the Middle East. I witnessed exciting times with medicines that changed the lives of people, from ACE Inhibitors to Statins to INF-B, to Biologicals and many others.
14 years ago I founded a company that carries 3rd party promotions for multinational companies in areas encompassing primary care to tertiary care medicine. I always felt this job is both fun and filled with passion 


PASCAL MASSOUD Business Unit Director

Being in the pharma industry for more than 25 years where I was promoted to different job titles in sales and marketing in many disease areas targeting primary to tertiary care practitioners. I have a record of success in multiple products’ launches, market access, and business development. My current focus is to provide effective management to organization’s business activities that have to do with its strategic and financial growth.


NADA SABA Office Manager

I am a dedicated office management professional with experience handling a wide range of administrative, technical, and executive-support tasks. I Constantly find ways to streamline office operations and Jump at opportunities to assist colleagues and the management team.
I have learned and developed my communication skills, teamwork, and customer service skills.


SHIRINE KARAKI Field Sales Supervisor

Highly Self motivated, People-oriented, and Results-oriented with a demonstrated history of over 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Proven ability to lead & coach a team to achieve company objectives in a time-efficient manner and ability to work well under pressure. Skilled in Negotiations, Pharmaceutical Sales, and Sales management with the ability to excel both independently and as a part of a team by managing tasks effectively and efficiently. 

RAY Abdel-Karim

RAY Abdel-Karim Sales Manager

Enthusiastic, dedicated, and results-driven sales manager with a history of working in the pharmaceutical sector. Demonstrated strong work ethics and the ability to build lasting client relationships, stimulate sales, and expand market share. After graduating as a licensed dietitian, I got an MBA degree from ESA and a Masters in Management from ESCP Europe; this perfect combination helped in shaping my career at Abela Marketing.



My work experience throughout the previous years has helped me learn how to work under pressure, adapt and succeed in any position I occupy. I am a serious loyal hard working person who tackles her responsibilities till it's accomplished. As a Sales professional, I am Skilled in pharmaceutical sales, sales management, and product launch; I am also holding an MBA degree from ESA business school with a focus on business management from ESCP Europe.


DANIA KHALAF, MD Medical Manager

Pharmaceutical and public health expert with 7+ years experience in the field, excellent knowledge of healthcare industry, pharmaceutical development, and healthcare systems. I am proud to head a medical affairs team servicing multinational companies with originally developed oncology and neurology products.